Truth Does Not Equal Virality

Solution: Our latest cartoon of the week was inspired by the 2017 publication of Qiu and colleagues, published in Nature Human Behaviour. This study questions a major challenge within the mainstream media or digital world to date: how can low quality information become widely popular or why do fake news eventually surpass the actual truth?... Continue Reading →

Studying the Developing Brain – A Swiss Postdoc in Australia

In our expert's section this week: Ines Mürner-Lavanchy, a Swiss postdoctoral research fellow currently working at the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Ines works as a developmental neuroscientist and is conducting neuroimaging research studies with children born very prematurely. In her interview she talks about her fascination with... Continue Reading →

Academic Children Tell All

11/27/2017 Expe(e)rtise: Audrey Peyper is a PhD candidate in history, mother of two and writer on the subject of metal. This week, we are very excited to have not only her as an expert for our interview, but also her daughters Roxy and Angelique (4 and 7 years). The two academic kids talk about what they... Continue Reading →

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