This section summarizes our own lay language articles, news or videos. Information that is suitable and/or even written for families and children.


Vortrag für das Symposium: frühe Kindheit – Blitzlichter aus der Forscung, Praxis und Politik (organized by Public Health Switzerland):
(August, 2018)
Videopublikation: A Short Summary of Early Brain Development
(March, 2018)
A collaboration with BOLD blog (Blog for learning and development):
Frühkindliche Hirnentwicklung: Interview für
(Februar, 2018)
(Bern, September, 2017)
by  (July 4, 2017)

Nora Raschle, developmental neuroscientist at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Center, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, talks about the critical time window in children’s and adolescents’ brain development when developmental disorders manifest. In her work, she focuses on the use of neuroimaging for the early detection of such disorders.



Scientific articles for children, adolescents and families

Frontiers for Young Minds provides a collection of freely available scientific articles by distinguished scientists that are shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers. Here is our own article explaining how emotions are processed within our brains and why emotion regulation is so important:

Emotions and the Brain or How to Master the Force

and a German translation:

Emotionen und das Gehirn oder wie man die Macht beherrscht


Explaining Brain Research Through Star Wars

Blog Post by Nora Raschle for SciFive, a blog from the University of Basel (Nov. 30 2016).

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Interview (by the University of Basel):


Making MR imaging child’s play – pediatric neuroimaging protocol, guidelines and procedure

Link to video and protocol