Science is for all! The following pages explain research-based themes.

Under “Brain Facts for Everyone” you can find out more about basic neuroanatomy, psychology or neuroscience. Illustrations and explanations are provided in both English (Brain Facts) or German (Unser Gehirn).

Our “Student Corner” offers different secrets for students: Our Expe(e)rtise section is highlighting the importance of mentorships and the knowledge gained through these. Therefore, we will here post short interviews with researchers of different backgrounds and various careers so they can share some of their secrets with you. Guess the Publication contains cartoons illustrating relevant key articles, manuscripts that are more controversial or simply fun. You will have one week to guess which publication the cartoon is representing. After that the title will be revealed including a short summary of the paper, points of relevance or consideration and important links for further reading.

Under “Scientific Publications” our own research articles are listed, while “Articles, News and Videos” is a collection of lay language texts, interviews and videos.