Cooking with brains

We love baking cakes. With science it takes forever to conduct and properly finalize an experiment. Not to talk about the scientific writing process that follows. When baking, you get a visible outcome within a relatively small amount of time. Plus, your friends will rarely reject your baking while happily trying to disprove your scientific results. Furthermore, the peer-review process is so much fun! Only here it does include statements such as “So good, but it could have used some more chocolate filling”, “Can you try red-velvet cake next time instead. It may be even more real” or “Let us first dig into the temporo-parietal junction – Yum”.

Over the years, we have come to try out quite some different variations of baked brain goodies.

From pinpointing the auditory cortex, to becoming more and more anatomically correct, what have you tried out already?

Do you have some crazy brain-baking skills? Have you made some experiences using twizzlers and pasta strings to illustrate arteries and nerves throughout an edible brain? Or have you done another science-related baking project? Our science community would love to see it!

If you have any recipes and/or images to share, please do so via

We will post it on this page after the proper peer-review.


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This amazing medical cake was made by Diana Homann. Diana is a nurse and mother of twins, but still finds time to bake personalized cakes to any topic. Diana is online on facebook and Instagram (@homemadecakebydiana) and always up for a new challenge in case you are looking for a special themed cake in Basel area, Switzerland.