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This week's science song is a true jewel within the geek rock genre and will get you in the mood for any upcoming Halloween event! Jonathan Coulton is a singer-songwriter that relates incredibly well to the, as we scientists like to think, widely popular science cult (also known as geek culture). So, here is to... Continue Reading →

Decision making and solving the unknown

How did you get to your current position in research? During University, I worked with young people with mental health problems. Having seen how much impact such conditions can have and how little we still know about them, made me interested in understanding what happens in the developing brain for psychiatric disorders to arise. After... Continue Reading →

Use it or lose it!

Solution: In the early 2000s, different studies using magnetic resonance imaging were able to show that the brain is adapting according to our behavior or experience 1,2,3. Last week’s Guess the Publication cartoon is based on the 2004 study conducted by Draganski and colleagues3 entitled „Neuroplasticity: Changes in grey matter induced by training“. In their study the authors demonstrate stimulus-dependent change... Continue Reading →

Expe(e)rtise: Siobhan Pattwell

10/15/2017: Siobhan Pattwell is a postdoctoral research fellow and recipient of an early career research fellowship by the Jacobs Foundation for Youth Development. Check out her interview for our expe(e)rtise section below to read more about Siobhan’s story on how she got into science, the motivational lines that keep her going and the challenges and exciting... Continue Reading →

Solution to: Guess the publication (1st ed.)

09/28/2017 Guess the publication (1st ed.) Solution: In their 2009 paper, originally called “Voodoo correlations in social neuroscience” and later renamed “Puzzlingly high correlations in fMRI studies of emotion, personality, and social cognition”, Vul and colleagues critically question the presence of impossibly high correlations in social neuroscience fMRI studies. While followed by many critical discussions about... Continue Reading →


Our first interview published under our experts section is with Jennifer Zuk.  Jennifer is also creator of the anatomically (almost) correct brain model displayed in our cooking corner. PhD Candidate, Harvard University (30 years)   o   How did you get here? I have dedicated my time to exploring my interests at the intersection between developmental cognitive neuroscience,... Continue Reading →


We are developmental neuroscientists with the aim of spreading knowledge in a way that is fun and easily understandable for everyone. We want to break down the walls raised by complicated communication. Because science is meant for all! Willkommen Wir sind Wissenschaftler, die sich als Ziel genommen haben, Wissen auf eine witzige, einfache und verständliche... Continue Reading →

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