Academic Children Tell All


11/27/2017 Expe(e)rtiseAudrey Peyper is a PhD candidate in history, mother of two and writer on the subject of metal. This week, we are very excited to have not only her as an expert for our interview, but also her daughters Roxy and Angelique (4 and 7 years). The two academic kids talk about what they think their mom is doing, what they want to be once they grow up and what the best thing about their mom is.


Do you know what your mom is doing? How would you describe her work?

Angelique (7y): Her PhD is a really big book that is extremely important I think it is about when the islands battle across territory and stuff, historians look at history and write it down​.

Roxy (4y): I have no idea, I think it is about the things she likes.


Do you think that’s a fun job?

Angelique: No – because you just sit there typing and thinking, it sounds boring. But if I were a zoology researcher, I would learn about all the different animals and new ways of doing things.

Roxy: I want to be just like mummy.


What do you want to be one day?

Angelique: I would like to be a famous performer or singer, part of a band or acting troupe, or a zoologist.


What does your mom think about that?

Audrey (mom): My response… fantastic! a life in the performing arts is a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work! Zoology sounds fascinating.


Roxy: A paleontologist, and an artist and a ballerina.

What does your mom think about that?

Audrey: I think they go really well together!

@Bornascientist: So do we – really well indeed! That’s why we made a little image/animation for you at the start of this article!


What is the best thing about your mom?

Angelique: Fun, friendly, clever, talented.

Roxy: She hugs me and she loves me

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