The Lifelong Learning Brain

The Campus Seminar Series 2019 in Zurich brought together educators, visionaries and design thinkers to discuss the topic of digital change in the classroom. Honored that I was allowed to give a short lay language presentation about the life-long learning brain (in German). Video Campus Seminar Series Nora Raschle

Science & Art: Emotion Regulation in CD

The journal Biological Psychiatry Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging published an article by our group (NMR Kids Lab) entitled "Atypical dorsolateral prefrontal activity in females with conduct disorder during effortful emotion regulation". Fun fact: Our work was not just inside the journal, but also on the cover. In our study, which is based on work by... Continue Reading →

Becoming MR Superheroes

Are you participating in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) session? MRI is an important tool in today’s medicine and may be used for clinical and research purposes.  MRI techniques allow us to take detailed images of our body. Do you want to know more about how MRI works? Then follow our MR superheroes and their... Continue Reading →

Banksy, Dali and Engram Cells

01/28/2019 Guess of the day: „ What do Banksy’s artwork & engram cells have in common?“ #MondayMotivation (hint: past week's news is this week's art) Solution: Research published by Pignatelli, Ryan and colleagues in NeuroCellPress demonstrates how memory recall induces a transient increase in engram excitability. The cells can encode and switch between different memory functions,... Continue Reading →

The Story of Science Communication

This is the story of why we should all care and be careful about science communication. A visual summary of my latest #scicomm talk, including ivory towers, sleeping beauties and digital wildfires:   To understand science communication, we have to understand the core of science - our methods: the whole mechanistics of our striving to... Continue Reading →

My time at Flux, Berlin

Last week our neuroimaging team attended the annual Flux Society Congress in Berlin. For PhD student Réka Borbás this was one of the first international conferences and she describes her impressions and learning experiences within the following blog post. Réka Borbás (left), PhD student from Basel, Switzerland, together with Nora M. Raschle (middle) and Lynn... Continue Reading →

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