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Huge congrats to Réka Borbás for her first first author paper “Neural correlates of Theory of Mind in children and adults using CAToon: introducing an open-source child-friendly neuroimaging task” published in the journal Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience!

In this publication, our team introduces a novel child-friendly, open-source Theory of Mind fMRI task. Accuracy & performance evaluated behaviorally in 60 children (3-9y), using fMRI in 27 adults (red) and 33 children (7-13y; blue), resulting in ToM-activation in bilateral temporoparietal junction, temporal gyri, precuneus & medial PFC/OFC.

The stories that are part of this fMRI task are all hand-drawn. The CAToon logo was inspired by Lili-Noe, our diva kitty with that has joined the Raschle clan back when I was starting my own PhD in developmental neuroscience in 2007.

CAToon is available for download at:… Activation maps associated with this publication: adults:… children:…

Borbás, R., Fehlbaum, L. V., Rudin, U., Stadler, C., & Raschle, N. M. (2021). Neural correlates of theory of mind in children and adults using CAToon: Introducing an open-source child-friendly neuroimaging task. Developmental cognitive neuroscience49, 100959.

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