Becoming MR Superheroes

MRSuperheroes_English_FINALAre you participating in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) session? MRI is an important tool in today’s medicine and may be used for clinical and research purposes.  MRI techniques allow us to take detailed images of our body.

Do you want to know more about how MRI works? Then follow our MR superheroes and their adventure into the exciting world of MRI and become an MR superhero yourself…


Making neuroimaging child’s play, or in other words, developing MRI protocols that are child-friendly, age-appropriate and fun to all participants (for research or clinic) can improve the experience of those participating & heighten the quality of the scan.


One year ago, my son had to take an MRI for clinical purposes. About the same time, we turned into superheroes in real life (for the 2018 #FantasyBasel #comic convention) & that is when I started to draw this #cartoon. Like for my kids, it may teach other little superhero-fans how MRI works.


Thanks to my amazing friends and collaborators, this cartoon is available in different languages: Lynn V. Fehlbaum (Spanish), Réka Borbás @R3kaBrbs (Hungarian), Yee Lee Shing @YeeLeeShing1 and Yi You Tan (Chinese), Willem Frankenhuis @wfrankenhuis1 and Desi Beckers (Dutch), Daniel Ansari @NumCog and Margot Roell (French), Giuseppe Sorrenti @giu_sorrenti and Cecilia Potente @PotenteCecilia (Italian), Christian Krog Tamnes @CTamnes and Christine Lycke Brandt (Norwegian), Nora Turoman @NoraPlethora  (Serbian). + in preparation: Sharon Wolf @WolfsSharon (Hebrew; in prep.), Iolanda Leite (Portuguese; in prep.), Kathrin Männik (Estonian; in prep.) @Foundation_JF

Full poster and available translations (PDF download; for high resolution images contact










Further reading/references:

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